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The activities of the CDVU in 1997 were focused on the areas of educational organisation and research. As concerns educational organisation, the CDVU gave its support to activities connected with the internal transformation of primary and secondary schools. The Centre continued its cooperation with the MU faculties, practicing teachers from outside, departments of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Physical Training competent for its areas of interest, the Inspectorate of Czech Schools (EŠI), the Office of Education (ŠÚ), plus sundry institutions abroad.

The main objectives of the Centre were achieved in the following ways and by the following means:

1. Educational courses

In total 152 courses - offered to schools in the university catalogue - were accredited. The primary objective here was a contribution to the professional growth of teachers. The CDVU provided training to 4913 teachers on 478 days.

Summer vacation courses

In the course of the summer vacation, the Centre held 9 courses with a total of 778 participants.

2. Research activities

The "Lower primary school after four years of review" research programme saw the involvement of 90 schools.

The "Civic school after three years of review" research programme saw the involvement of 49 schools.

These two research programmes are amongst the most extensive of their kind in the Czech Republic, and also are amongst those of the longest duration (five years). The results of research were defended successfully, and its continuation in subsequent was recommended.

3. Development projects

Two projects were defended successfully within the framework of the Foundation for the Development of Institutes of Higher Education:

1. Models of internal evaluation in schools

2. Physical education for children with mental disabilities


The Centre was involved in the following four projects within the framework of the PHARE programme:

- Modern School Management

- Professional language (German and English)

- "Management for School Development and Change"

- Curriculum development

5. Involvement in international projects

The CDVU was involved in projects in school management with the University of Helsinki and the Kompact Group of 's Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands. The Creation of Curricula project - in which the CDVU cooperated with the University of Oxford and EDSAL London - was also completed successfully. Projects in German and English for 19 schools - part of the PHARE programme and put into effect together with the Goethe Institute and the British Council - came to a close, and preparatory work for a further stage of the scheme has already started. As part of the CDVU's cooperation with the Austrian Ministry of Education and KulturKontakt in Vienna, 38 seminars of more than one day's duration and five week-long courses were held. Work with organisations in Germany made possible the holding of four seminars of more than one day's duration and three week-long courses, whilst three ten-day courses were held with British and American support. All of these events were partially sponsored by organisations from abroad. KulturKontakt's financial support enabled continued expanding of the Austrian library for professional literature.

As part of the PHARE programme and cooperation with other organisations, 56 teachers were able to take advantage of short conferences and study stays, whilst a further 92 did so for a period of at least a week. The exchanging of materials and experience with the Pedagogical Institutes in Vienna and Hollabrunn and the Universities of Graz, Innsbruck and Vienna also continue. The working relationship with the Pedagogical Academy in Dillingen has deepened, while new contacts have been established with the Landeszentrale für Politische Bildung in Stuttgart.

The Czech/German publication "The School Itself Can Also Learn" - which draws upon the project of cooperation between schools and universities in Innsbruck and Vienna - was published in cooperation with Austrian partner organisations. The contact between MU CDVU and the Pedagogical Institute in Vienna provided the theoretical basis for four sets of materials on methodology addressing the needs of participants in seminars held by foreign lectors.

6. Publications

Two professional publications with print-runs of 1000 copies and 25 sets of materials on methodology with print-runs of 2745 copies were issued in the CDVU imprint.

7. Education Centre

The Education Centre in Šlapanice wa the venue for educational courses and important conferences held not only by the CDVU but also by MU faculties and academic associations.