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Physical education at MU is organized by a university-wide Department of Physical Education. The Department provides for physical education at individual faculties through the physical education units it has established at each faculty. The Department of Physical Education is the sole body responsible for the VSK Univerzita sports club.

The main aim of the system of physical education is to provide all students with the opportunity to practise sport in the course of their studies, thus making an active contribution to their relaxation and regeneration. In this way, students attain habits appropriate for modern living.

Programmes of physical education at MU vary according to the faculty concerned. It can be generally stated that physical education is a part of the basic teaching plan (including one course in sport) in the first year of study and is subject to a credit. In higher years, physical education is included in an extended study programme and is optional. Students have a choice of disciplines and times. The extensive choice offered by the Department means that the majority of students can practise their favourite sports. For purposes of illustration, this choice includes: basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, table tennis, ballet, aerobics, judo, karate, swimming, canoeing, fitness exercises and weight-training.

In winter, the Department holds courses in downhill and cross-country skiing, and also provides an opportunity for students to obtain a ski instructor's licence. In summer, courses in watersports, surfing, cross-country cycling, climbing, rafting, and mountain biking are offered together with an introductory course in mountaineering.


VSK Univerzita comprises 21 units, providing opportunities for all those interested in competitive or recreational sport. VSK MU is represented by 6 + 8 clubs in national leagues and 9 + 4 clubs at regional level. A great number of teachers are involved in university sport clubs as club leaders or coaches.

The support of sports activities for the University's students in terms of organisation and methodology is an important part of the work of the Department's teachers. Dr. Eva Slonková is deputy chair of the EAAS executive board. Dr. Karel Opravil is chair of the EAAS supervisory board and chair of the Brno University Sport organization. Dr. Eva Slonková was manager of the national team of the Czech Republic at the 1997 World University Games (winter and summer) in Korea and Sicily. Dr. Pavel Korvas and Dr. Opravil were appointed coaches to the Czech national team in skiing and also took part as coaches in the winter World University Games in Korea.

The Department of Physical Education in conjunction with the VSK Univerzita Sports Club held many important sports events, including the International University Championship of the Czech Republic as part of UNI/FIS European Cup in Alpine skiing, the university championship of the Czech Republic (with international participation) in classical skiing, and the university championships of the Czech Republic in table tennis, golf and karate.

The Department's teachers took part in 5 academic conferences concerned with sporting issues and presented 7 papers. They also participated in the publishing of various works on methodology (The Teaching Programme of the Association for the Teaching of Skiing in the Czech Republic, SPVŠ Methodology '98) and of textbooks (The Ski Instructor, MZLU 1997).